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Book Binding Machines, Materials & Supplies

Brackett, Inc. designs, builds and distributes a wide range of bindery equipment for pad gluing, chipboard inserting, tape application and paper jogging - for printers, binderies and other paper converters.

The company was founded in 1910 to manufacture a hand-fed automatic stripping (taping) machine invented by Edward Brackett. Currently, Brackett Inc. continues to manufacture a variety of equipment for spine taping of tablets, books, glued pads, stitched business forms and bank checks.

Brackett automated padding systems are in use world-wide, replacing manual padding methods.  Brackett equipment also includes machines for making writing tablets, file folders and other specialty products. Our chipboard inserter shoots chipboard at pre-set intervals between the pages at your printing press delivery station.

Other Brackett machines specialize in performing intermediate bookbinding operations, such as combining endpapers and backgluing.

In North America, and around the world, Brackett equipment is distributed and serviced through a network of authorized distributors. Each authorized dealer is an independent graphic arts distributor with expertise in binding and finishing equipment.

For over a century, Brackett has been known world wide for its design ingenuity, ruggedly durable equipment and superior customer support/service.



Owner of Brackett Inc. Mike Murray
J.M. "Mike" Murray
Owner / President

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