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Conveyor Model CO-2

CP Conveyor Model CO-2
CP Conveyor Model CO-2
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Part Number: CO-2 Conveyor

The Brackett Circular Padder has rapidly become an invaluable
piece of production equipment in shops world-wide. The addition
of the CO-2 model conveyor adds significantly to that value.

This unit simply plugs into the built-in outlet on the Circular Padder.
Its 8-foot
* length and 18-inch* width can extend the reach of
Circular Padder's delivery chute right into the next phase of your
(*dimensions approximate)  

The angle of the conveyor bed matches the precise angle of the
Circular Padder's delivery chute, allowing pads to slip smoothly
on to the belt, either in a constant, shingled stream or stacked
against the work-stop. The speed of the belt can be adjusted up
or down as desired.


Call us with any questions and find out how little it can cost to
connect your “Padding Department” (Circular Padder) to the
rest of your shop. See below for parts or for printable flyer.

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