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CP Rougher Field Modification

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Price Per Unit: $7,378.00
Part Number: CPFM-Rghr

Upgrade your Brackett C.P. in your own plant !!

As a Circular Padder user, you are already aware of the benefits of having
a Brackett Circular Padder in your shop. Now you can expand the abilities
of your "CP" with this field retrofit built by Brackett.

This Rougher, allows your CP to reliably handle coated enamel stock.
Built specifically for YOUR Circular Padder, it integrates seamlessly
with the operation of your machine and does nothing to inhibit the
high-speed production you've come to expect from your
Brackett Circular Padder.

It arrives with everything you need including:  genuine Brackett
parts ~ full installation and set-up documentation ~ additional guarding for
operator safety and, of course, the support of Brackett's Service Department.

Once installed, the rougher doesn't change the operation of your
machine. It can be left turned off, and then called upon with the flip
of a switch as needed. While in operation, the unit performs a light slitting
action on the spine of the pad before it  passes over the hot melt glue pot,
thereby increasing the glue's ability to penetrate the material.
This greatly improves the holding power of the glue when making
pads from coated or enamel stock. A vacuum unit is included to
remove the paper dust as the pads are being “roughed”.

To add this extra “punch” to an already valuable piece of production
equipment, click to order Brackett's Rougher field modification -
or call our service/sales department if you need further information.

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