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               Gypsum Wallboard Bundlers

Gypsum Wallboard Bundlers at Brackett Inc

       High-Speed Gypsum Board Bundling Machines ! ! !

As a world leader for decades in the design and manufacture of high quality ~ high volume tape application machinery, Brackett
has been recognized world-wide for High-Speed, Heavy- Duty, Reliable equipment built to support the gypsum board industry. 
We design and manufacture a full line of "built-to-customer-spec" board set feeder/bundler machines.

  Our Heavy Duty WallBoard (HDWB) line is known for:

Absolute Square Sawing of Gypsum, Plastics and Press Boards 

      Digital Board Squareness Control & Monitoring Systems

          Hot, Cold & Pre-gummed Adhesive Label Application

                 Flexible Formers for Tight ~ Square Taping

                              Pneumatic Alignment Tires

                                 Heavy Duty ~ Reliable


  . . . and above all your Brackett Customer Support Team !

Click to see our printable brochure and call us for more details:

Product Brochure



Options include:

Diamond-tipped saw blades. Water misting system. Manual or automatic "board-squaring" systems. Automated bundle infeed alignment systems -   Plus other electronic/automated controls and/or monitors are available. Call Brackett for details.


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